ZH: A World Preparing For War

From A Reader

Western Rifle Shooters Association



This fantastic resource fuses satellite photos of various dates with old aerial photography and topo maps. It allows for zooming, fades, getting lat/long, and a lot more functionality. If you want to purchase images, they are available without the copyright clutter, but 99% of the value can be derived by exploring the site for free (and without a sign-in). For example, in my county images date back to 1947 and topos to 1890. There’s a lot of information on old road-beds, previous land-use, mines, etc. Some of the older topo maps have a great deal more information on land use. Very interesting. The longitudinal temporal perspective adds a lot to the visual geography. Nearly all terrain hides some secrets. E.g., what was here before the interstate came through?

I don’t think this site will be available indefinitely.

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