The Satanic Origins of the Kenite, Canaanite and Edomite Jews

A Company of Nations

The people who bear the name of Jews today are commonly regarded by the denominational churches as the legitimate and whole chosen people of Scripture. This is of course utterly erroneous on several levels, and here we will expose the nature of these devilish falsehoods.

The greater portion of Israel never had any part in the tribe of Judah, the Kingdom of Judah or the province of Judaea, and none of them were ever called Jews. The vast majority of the children of Israel left Egypt and Western Asia between 3,600-2,700 years ago to fulfill the promise to Jacob-Israel that his “seed” would “become many nations” and “a company of nations”.

‘The Dispersions of Israel: a Company of Nations’

‘Scythian Origins: the Lost Tribes in Iran, the Steppe and Europe’

‘The Israelite Origins of Europa: the Phoenicians in the West’

‘Dardan, Danaan and Dorian Origins: the Mediterranean…

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The New Covenant with Israel

A Company of Nations

‘The Return of the Prodigal Son’
-Pompeo Batoni

The Abrahamic covenant was certainly a hereditary covenant and we see this clearly throughout the Old Testament. Most would claim that this has changed under the New Covenant, but in doing so they must deny many witnesses in both the New and Old Testaments to the continued exclusivity of the New Covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah.

Many will object to this saying that the Gospel was brought to the Gentiles, but Gentile (ethnos in the Greek, Strong’s G1484, goy in Hebrew, H1471) never meant “non-Israelite”. Rather it simply means “nation”. In fact the promise to Abraham and his offspring was that they would become many ethne/goyim/Gentiles (Genesis 17.4-6, 28.3, 35.11) and Jacob himself was called ethnos/goy/Gentile in the womb (Genesis 25.23).

Some will point to instances in the New Testament where we see that the Gospel…

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Firearms For Freedom and Forage-Part 2, Defensive Handguns

Mason Dixon Survivalist Association

Top is a Glock 30, Bottom left the Glock 21 and the Bottom right is a Springfield Armory XDs45. All three are chambered for .45ACP

Most people who’ve read my posts know I’m a .45ACP fan for a Survivalist’s defensive pistols. My reasoning is simple. The .45ACP cartridge is the best auto pistol round made if you are forced to use the least effective bullet design, which is the the round nose lead or jacketed bullet. Without expansion, it is already almost half an inch in diameter. Below are my choices in that caliber, as well as some choices I’ve made in 9mm.

The Glock 30 pictured is a pistol I’ve owned for 20 years. It is one of the best mid sized pistols made. It is big enough to use as your “Full size” pistol, and small enough to readily conceal. The recoil spring system used in the G30…

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Firearms For Freedom And Forage-Part 1, Long Guns For Defense

Mason Dixon Survivalist Association

Me at 15 with my Savage 24V Series D (.223/20Ga) ready to take on the Soviets LOL. A rifle is the first weapon you should plan to pick up in a self defense situation if possible. A pistol is only a “Self Defense First-Aid Kit” used to fight your way back to a rifle.

Over the forty years or so I’ve had a serious interest in firearms, I’ve always wondered what were “The Best” firearms one would select for survival, whether self defense or supplying nutrients via wild game. When it comes to shooting wild game, I’ve hunted for the last 43 years and found the most useful rifle on the rack is generally a .22LR. That being said, a .22LR requires precision shot placement that some might not be capable of after TEOTWAWKISTAN (The End Of The World As We Know It land) becomes our AO (Area of Operation)…

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