Who’s On Call: Medical Care When The Lights Go Out

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Good questions.

To say the least, 9-1-1 will not be operational.

The medical care you have will be what you can piece together, both now and then.

Tempus fugit.

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Sultan Knish: When The Google Dream Died

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Don’t think a Google/Alphabet bust-up will go as smoothly as the AT&T divestiture 35 years ago.

My bet is on Team “Every single email, text message, and spank search everyone has made over the last 20 years” if the G is naive.

Executive action would help balance those odds.

Hard for even unimaginably wealthy folks to enjoy their success as corpses or quadriplegics.

Of course that would assume that the USG and Big Tech were actually antagonistic to each other’s long-term interests.

It’s possible.

Just like this poor chap could possibly recover his mobility through genetic means.

But it ain’t the smart-money bet.

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