The Noahite Nations: the Japhethites

A Company of Nations

‘Landscape with Noah’ -Joseph Anton Koch

The name Japheth (H3315) means “expansion” (Strong’s) or “widely extending” (Gesenius’) and fittingly his descendants were dispersed widely across the Mediterranean from Anatolia to Iberia and also throughout Iran, the Caucasus, Russia and Eastern Europe.

While his descendants undoubtedly spread to further regions and diverged into new tribal branches, much of what we know of them is lost to time, unknown events that went unrecorded in remote regions among illiterate peoples. Despite the elusiveness of some of the Japhetic tribes, we will nonetheless endeavour to identify those which can be identified in the historical and archaeological records.

Gomer, Ashkenaz, Riphath and Togarmah.

In Genesis 51.27 Ashkenaz is mentioned along with Ararat and Minni, both regions near Armenia. Ararat corresponds to Urartu which was centered in the historic Armenian highlands. Minni is the historical Mannaea centered in modern Iranian Azerbaijan adjacent to Armenia. In Armenian…

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