Ermagawd, Martha: Virginia Capital on Edge as FBI Arrests Suspected Neo-Nazis Before Gun Rally

Western Rifle Shooters Association

If the NYT and the FBI say it, it must be so.

Do read the whole thing.

This is American Communism at work.

And you are a white supremacist.

Because the same people behind this article will say so.

H/t MB via Gab, who also has posted this video for folks heading to RIC.

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Nice Toy

Western Rifle Shooters Association


At , scroll down a bit and you will see a State Police armored bobcat with shields. The twitter account holder appears to be making the claim that this just arrived in Virginia. See pic related.

Not exactly sure what can be done if the users are not trained in how to use this, but what comes to mind is this scene from Soylent Green:

“Bucket Truck Detain” scene.

Anybody want to chime in on operation of that type of Bobcat thing? If you were the operator of same, what would you avoid? If it were me, I’d hope to avoid paint flung at the glass. I could not drive if I could not see out. It just would not be safe, and the VSP has the safety of the citizenry as a top priority.

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