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Western Rifle Shooters Association

Do not attack strength.

Live in their minds.

Exploit weakness.

Let’s win.

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Updates on CommRadio’s CTX-10


CTX-10.jpgThe CommRadio CTX-10 has got myself and many other QRP enthusiasts excited- and for good reason- it’s built from the ground up for field use meaning it’s not only rugged but it packs everything you need in one box for HF. As you can see in the photo above, it’s tiny, pushes out 10w, and has a heck of a lot of capability in one small package.

The team behind it has kindly forwarded a preliminary copy of the manual for you to look over- there’s a lot to get excited over.

CTX-10 User’s Manual – Preliminary Released – 5 APR 2018

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Anti-White racist hiring practices in Sanctuary City Hospitals

The Roper Report

The Politicization of Western Acute Care Facilities:

From a registered nurse: Allied Health Care Professionals, Please Respond.

Here’s the video posted to YouTube:

This is mandatory video diversity training for Registered Nurses that ALL hospitals do, but I have never seen it this blatantly anti-White.
As a Registered Nurse, it is my job to advocate for all oppressed communities, especially when its not popular. I asked HR to educate staff to stop using the AntiWhite stereotype “white Privilege” on the floor, and was labeled as having racial animosity and fired by way of a work place violence restraining order. Hearsay only required. It’s law-fare, and I had to fold my lawsuit to get them to stop it.
 I can’t work with a RO on my record in healthcare and they know it. They are also allowing staff to harass innocent elderly sick people by mislabeling them racist if they…

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They’re Coming To Us

The ShieldWall Network

Yesterday, April 14th, tens of thousands of 2nd amendment supporters held dozens of rallies at state capitols all across America. Most of them are emerging from Civic Nationalism into an understanding that the government is the enemy of the nation and its founding people. As such, they are radicalizing in our direction. We are actively recruiting them, true, but they are finding us just as rapidly, on their own.

The ShieldWall Network encourages you to find them at firearm shops, shooting ranges, gun shows, online, and in local NRA meetings. Cherry pick those most near to us in maturation of ideology. Bring them in. They will be standing with us when the time comes. They might as well go ahead and understand why, now.

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