A modest proposal for dealing with illegal immigrants at the border


Net annual cost of illegal immigration Net annual cost of illegal immigration: 116 billion per year (Source: FAIR)

I want to write about Christian apologetics and moral issues, but all the news is about illegal immigration. So I feel that I must address some of the endless stream of lies and misrepresentations of the problem coming from the mainstream media.

Here is a helpful article from the Daily Signal that corrects four of the myths:

During the White House press briefing Monday, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said: “This is a very serious issue that has resulted after years and years of Congress not taking action.”

Here’s a look at four of the more questionable claims made about the enforcement action.

“The Democrats forced that law upon our nation,” Trump asserted last week.

Democrats, backed by some media commentators, counter that it’s not the law but a Trump administration policy.

Actually, experts say, the situation is…

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Womp, Womp!


THAT’s how you deal with lib histrionics. Like demons, they have no power over you unless you let them. No apology, no backtracking, no effort at communication with the party that had forsaken every avenue of communication.

It’s fascinating how far our real and putative representatives in the public forum have come. Once you understand that your political foes are irrational, fanatical, that they hate you, that they will destroy you the moment you show good-faith softness (witness SJWs’ destruction of anyone who apologizes for a minor ideological misstep) – you stop treating them like a legitimate party. Like a rebuffed demon, the liar-lib is reduced to impotent howling.

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