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ZH Daily Doomer w Updates: Singapore Goes Into Hiding For The 2nd Time

WaPo coverage

WSJ WuFlu coverage

NYT Covid coverage (sign-up required but no charge)

Chicago Tribune coverage

Seattle Times coverage

LA Times coverage

Dallas Morning News coverage

Detroit News coverage

MSP Star-Tribune coverage

Las Vegas Review-Journal coverage

Boston Globe coverage

ATL AJC coverage

MPR: Mayo Clinic expects COVID-19 antibody test to be ready Monday

Anti-parasitic drug Ivermectin kills COVID-19 in lab within 48 hours

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Is China Planning A War With The United States?

Western Rifle Shooters Association


Ask yourself what PLAN leadership is inferring about US military leadership from the Theodore Roosevelt debacle.

UPDATE 1035E 3APR2020: Bracken on AJ yesterday on this topic:

Plan accordingly.

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