Free Speech In Andrew McCabe’s America

Western Rifle Shooters Association

The workings of FUSA’s secret police and its treasonous allies.

Related thoughts and vid link.

Read each article, please.

Welcome to Soviet America.

Where you and your families are at best kulaks marked for plunder, imprisonment, and death.

At worst?

You are Nazi beasts, each to be ground into tatters under the treads of the People’s Democratic Unity Government.

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From the Library


I haven’t read as much this week as I normally do. One, I’ve been particularly busy with spring cleaning type stuff, cleaning out animal pens and tool sheds, etc. Two, the first book on the list is a particularly long work, with small print, and lots of end notes for me to cross reference. In the future, even if I’ve only read one or two books in a week, instead of my normal 5-6, I will include extras, out of my personal library, that I recommend, even if I haven’t read them in the last week or so.

Baden-Powell by Tim Jeal; This is a lengthy, thorough biography of the founder of the Boy Scout Movement. It covers a number of controversial areas in the General’s life, and uses primary source material to rectify some of the errors that other modern historians and biographers have made, in the interest of…

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The “Lie” of Off-Grid Living


It was brought to my attention recently that, at a social gathering at our farm, an acquaintance had the audacity to gossip to other guests, behind our back, that my family “isn’t really ‘off-grid.’ They’re just relying on the grid that everyone else is paying for.” Since this is a common refrain heard by off-gridders, I thought I would discuss this, as well as some of the reasons why moving towards a more off-grid lifestyle is—I believe—a key aspect within preparedness.

To begin with, we need to establish some definitions, so we have parameters within which to frame the discussion.

“The Grid,” generally, refers to the electrical grids that provide electrical power to the nation. Using that impeccable journalistic resource (notice my tongue firmly planted in my cheek!), Wikipedia, “…and electrical grid is an interconnected network for delivering electricity from suppliers to consumers. It consists of generating stations that…

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