Baofeng BF-F8HP Radio

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note: over the next several days I will be posting a number of articles on handheld radios…specifically Baofeng…and which is the best to buy. Hold off buying any radio until you’ve read all the articles. You will be glad you waited.

OK…more radio stuff…hope you are ready for it.

So what about this radio? It is the latest version of its incredible grandfather…the Baofeng UV-5R. With an additional feature or two…and more power. I am not going to make this review painful or long…so here goes…

The primary difference, the only one worth going into detail about is the increase in power.

The original Baofeng work off of high/low power setting (4w/1w). This version has three power settings high/medium/low (8W, 4W, 1W). However, if you rad my review of the Baofeng UV-5RMHP radio that appeared first in 2016 and resurrected yesterday, you see where the antenna makes a huge…

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Heads are rolling at Microsoft for what passes in Hungary, and the SEC just took a cut for its silence — Meanwhile in Budapest

Russians and Egyptians Win Big in Diversity Visa Lottery Drawing

Frauds, Crooks and Criminals

Oh joy! more Russians*** and more Egyptians to help speed up the goal of changing America by changing the people!

Trump finger.jpg Trump called the Diversity Visa Lottery “the worst of the worst!”

I guess most of you know by now that we have a legal immigration program called the Diversity Visa Lottery (aka Green Card Lottery)because America isn’t sufficiently diversified and each year 50,000 US citizen wannabes from around the world (except from countries that have sent 50,000 of their people recently) get a ticket to Anytown, USA.

The President has voiced his opposition to the giveaway, but so far Congress continues to support the program.

Herethe Miami Herald tells us who the lucky winners are this year:

Egyptian and Russian citizens won the most U.S. green cards in this year’s random visa lottery

More than 23 million people from around the world — the applicants and their family…

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We Foresee A Promising Commercial Opportunity Arising From Austin’s New Public Camping Ordnance


If you live near any major interstate highway overpass in Austin Texas, we strongly suggest you stock up on plastic buckets, TP, tarps, bungie straps, ropes, tobacco, tents, sleeping bags, grocery carts, wagons, blankets and clothing of all kinds – yes, even up to size 8XL!

The market demand for all of these items and more will soon be in huge demand by the Tent Dwelling Citizens in your neighborhood. Prepare now and be ready to cash in on the coming Street Trade Bonanza!

parade of tents

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From the Library


Grandpappy’s Recipes for Hard Times by Robert Wayne Atkins

One of the realities I knew as a kid, eating some pretty bizarre mountain dishes, that was really made to hit home to me during various survival exercises as an adult, is that as much as we might like to think we’ve prepared for everything, in real survival situations, whether we’re simply lost in the boonies, evading hostile forces, or in a post-grid scenario, is we may often find ourselves eating things considerably far outside of our comfort zone.

This may range from foraged wild edibles to small furbearers to rodents and insects (while I know technically squirrels are rodents, anybody from the rural South, of a certain age, can tell you they are also a delicacy. I’ve eaten rats and I’ve eaten mice, and neither is anything like eating squirrel, I can assure you!).

Additionally, one of the concepts inherent…

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Campfire Chat


Could you have some kind of service where we could pay you for advice? Specifically on fitness/combatives/existentialism/societal issues. I’ve messaged you over Facebook and I feel bad for taking up time that could be spent on helping those closer to you rather than some guy over the internet. It would be a great boon for us to bounce questions off of someone if we have no one else to go to.

My Patreon Page is now active: Mountain Guerrilla Blog
I’ll be honest, even though I already have two tiers listed, I’m not entirely sure how it’s going to work yet. My current plan is that I will continue to post the Campfire Chat and Library posts here each week. The feature article each week will be posted for Patreon subscribers. Once a month, I will pick one of the last month’s articles, and post it here as well.


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The Survival Retreat Facility: Design Planning Considerations in Theory and Practice, Part One


US Army Special Forces, like the rest of the US military, has a set of doctrine regarding the establishment, maintenance, protection, and even closure, of tactical facilities, under field conditions. In current SF doctrine, those facilities are referred to as “Special Forces Tactical Facilities.” These can range from a small, partially developed patrol base for the ODA, all the way up to an SFOB (Special Forces Operating Base), or what used to be called an “A-Camp.”

Doctrinally, the role of the SF TACFAC is “to support special operations and function as a tactical and operational base.” That is, they serve as a defensive base for the operational detachment, a base for projecting offensive force outwards, and as a center for developing, improving, and maintaining relationships with the local national populace and host-nation forces.

Over time, the TACFAC helps provide for establishment, restoration, and improvements of many local…

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Feminist explains how she chose to drink alcohol before recreational sex


College students puking in toilet College students puking in toilet

Guess where I’m linking today? To a radical feminist web site named Jezebel, to an article written by a radical feminist who writes for the radically leftist Slate.

No, I’m not crazy. Just read it:

Much of the conversation around alcohol and sex has focused on assault—the line at which intoxication becomes incapacitation, for instance—but what we fail to mention is how haunted people can be by the sex they actually, technically consented to.

[…]I wonder what my sex life would even look like if alcohol hadn’t been there. Alcohol gave me comfort in my own body, and it allowed me to turn my erotic curiosity and hunger for experience into an action plan. I was tired of being the stuttering girl sucking in her stomach after the lights went out. I wanted to be the woman who roamed wild and free.


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Ma-Bell Part 2

Ma Bell Part 2

In February, my Mom passed away and for 2 months things were just …. it was a blur of emotion and pain. It took us a good while after her funeral to get all of her belongings gone through and we allowed relatives and friends to come and take home things from her home that they could use or wanted to remember her by. We grieved and we cleaned. I honestly was mostly functioning on auto-pilot and put myself to hard work in my business when not working at mom’s to drown the hurt.

Slowly I began to function again and after a while I went back to the project. One of the things I wanted was to coat the rail and receivers in Norrell’s Moly Resin. I am familiar with it and have used it several times. It is a phenolic resin and is tough asnails yet easy to work with. Cured in your oven at 300* for 1 hour it is virtually impervious to most any chemical and very durable to rough use.

I decided not to match the Magpul FDE but to go with Coyote Brown for a 2 tone effect like a rifle I saw online seen below.

This would require the stainless barrel to be coated as well in satin black. I ordered the Norrell’s and went about collecting some other bits and pieces. I knew a great trigger was a necessity so the choice of brand was easy. Every AR I own has a single stage CMC flat trigger and I love them all. My AR pistols have 4.5lb, my 16” carbines have 3.5lb and this rifle ended up with a 2.5lb.

I found some SR25 Pmags on sale in the 20 round flavor and bought a few.

I disassembled the rifle down to bare components in preparation for the coating process. I degreased it with Purple Power and blew it dry with compressed air.

I got my airbrush ready and heated the parts. Norrell’s flash drys on hot parts and it is important to preheat everything as you coat it. A heat gun is helpful. Once the receivers and rail were sprayed, into the oven they went to be cured.

Fresh out of the oven, looking awesome.

An online acquaintance from another state offered the use of his face lapping tool and sent it to me. The purpose is to face the area where the barrel extension meets the receiver to assure that they are precisely aligned. You simply use the tool with lappingcompound until a uniform shiny ring is visible.

It was also suggested that .001 stainless shim stock be used to assure a tight barrel to receiver fit so I purchased some 1” wide .001 stock. To install I simply heated the upper with a heat gun and slid the barrel and shim stock (which was cut to wrap all the way around the barrel extension) into the upper. Once cooled it was unmovable by hand.

I finished putting the lower together with the CMC trigger, H3 buffer and Tubbs Flatwire spring. I installed and tightened the barrel nut to spec and then reinstalled the gas block and gas tube, then the rail.

I lubed it up well, cycled the bolt and after a few cycles it was smooth as butter.

I had previously bought a Magpul bipod for my Kidd 22 and really like it, so I bought a Mlok version for this rifle and got that installed along with a KAW Valley linear compensator to keep blast at my ears to a minimum since the recoil control of a true brake isn’t needed with this cartridge.

I initially used a polymer Strike Industries dust cover but have since removed it in favor of the factory style steel cover. Nothing against it, just decided that I prefer the look of the normal cover. I also removed the crush washer from behind the KAW Valley linear compensator that you see in the pictures below and so far it has held perfectly and looks cleaner.

Looking like a real rifle! At this point Ma Bell was ready for a 20MOA canted scope mount and some glass.

Part 3 coming soon.

Lessons Learned: I shot myself…

A.H. Trimble - Emergency preparedness information for disasters and grid-down

Yeah…OK…it was “click bait” to be sure. But yes, it is also true…just not maybe the way you were thinking.

Truth…yes, I shot myself. More truth, it was with a nail gun.

Background –

So there I was…10′ up in the air,  on a ladder, using my air-powered nail gun to install soffit under the eves of our 1000sq’ retirement house. Things were going along nicely until I felt a dull stabbing pain in my left index finger. I looked at the finger and there was a nail that had gone through the piece of soffit, through the furring strip and into my finger having entered right beside the knuckle. And yes…I was kind of in disbelief.

So I had to lift my hand up to pull the nail out of my finger, then climb down the ladder. Of course I gently lowered my Hitachi nail gun to the ground…

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