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WM points to an essential anti-Communist site.

As this cycle’s Communist candidates scrap in the pre-convention mud, remember how long they have been moving towards this goal.

As well as what their ilk does once in power.


From the Amazon review of TBBOC:

…Communism did kill, Courtois and his fellow historians demonstrate, with ruthless efficiency: 25 million in Russia during the Bolshevik and Stalinist eras, perhaps 65 million in China under the eyes of Mao Zedong, 2 million in Cambodia, millions more Africa, Eastern Europe, and Latin America–an astonishingly high toll of victims. This freely expressed penchant for homicide, Courtois maintains, was no accident, but an integral trait of a philosophy, and a practical politics, that promised to erase class distinctions by erasing classes and the living humans that populated them. Courtois and his contributors document Communism’s crimes in numbing detail, moving from country to country, revolution…

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Lifetime Accounts Are Back At Unseen

Lifetime Accounts Are Back At Unseen


The migration of the email service is now complete.  If you are a webmail user, you may have noticed that it has a new look.  If you are using your own email client, you shouldn’t have had any disruption.  If you are still having issues, please see below for some suggestions from our tech support team.

Lifetime is Back, Bigger and Better than Ever

We listened to you, many of our users and customers had requested additional lifetime accounts and now it’s back.   The new Lifetime 5 Accounts come with FIVE email accounts and 10gb of space for only $99 USD.  That’s actually an amazing deal and it’s designed for families, businesses and small groups.  If you have an annual account, or even the old Lifetime 2 Account, it’s only $50 to get upgraded to the new Lifetime 5 Account.  Our new 5 Account Lifetime is also a great way to communicate with your friends, family and business associates, with security and privacy.

Get started right now and be sure to share this link with your friends::

When you buy Unseen premium, you are not just getting some great features, you are helping us support good people around the world who are being persecuted like Falun Gong in China and journalists, who rely on Unseen to get important information out to the world.

Email Migration Tips

Nearly everyone is over on the new email servers, but there are still a few reports of people who use email clients having a difficult time connecting to the servers.  Most of these issues are because the settings in the email client were created several years ago and those are no longer documented or supported with the new system.  Please look in this online help page to find your client and the recommended settings:

If you are using Thunderbird and you still can’t get it to work with the updated settings, you might try to delete the Unseen account from Thunderbird (inside the client) and then recreate your account in the client.  Thunderbird has been a little funky of late and that seems to clear up any lingering problems.  Be sure to use your entire Unseen user name, i.e. thor@unseen, not just thor.


Try P2P Unseen Now

For those Unseen users who really value their independence, we have the latest updates to our P2P software ready for you to try.

Two parts need to be installed:

(1) Unseen Freenet Packages and

(2) Unseen P2P desktop app

(1)Unseen Freenet Packages (unseen chat plugin v0.1.10)




Or if you have previous version UnseenFreent (e.g.built at 20160203),

you can install the upgrade version:



(2) Unseen P2P desktop (v0.3.5.8)




Here is the Installation Guide (update to new links)

That’s all for now,

Best to you always,

The Unseen Team