Profiles In Irrelevance, by Robert Gore

When electroshock revives a heart attack victim, nobody pretends the resuscitation has cured the patient, it has only prevented him from dying. The heart attack may have been caused by overeating, smoking, stress, drinking, or lack of exercise. The physician will prescribe various drugs, but a true cure requires dramatic lifestyle changes and perhaps counseling to understand why the patient engages in self-destructive behavior.A good portion of the American electorate wants to administer electroshock to a bloated, sclerotic government. A smaller percentage recognize that the patient’s symptoms will be terminal absent drastic and immediate changes. A relative handful are interested in diagnosing the philosophical and intellectual root causes responsible for the morbid deterioration.Hillary Clinton is the embodiment of the disease, the obese grotesquerie who fills two trays at the all-you-can-eat buffet and goes back for seconds, thirds, desserts, and multiple refills of the Diet Coke. She has never met a domestic program or a foreign war she didn’t embrace, and the chance that she would shrink the government’s girth and power is infinitesimal. The corpulent state has made her and her husband quite wealthy and rewarded their cronies. Hillary and her party stand for nothing more than more: government, power, and corruption. Any noises she might make about curbing the government are just that—noise—the Diet Coke washing down the feast.That’s not to say that the other party is any less committed to more government. While it has bloviated for decades about entitlement and welfare reform, such spending—even during years it controlled Congress and the presidency—has risen without interruption. The welfare and warfare states are the apples of Democrats’ and Republicans’ eyes, respectively, but in grand “bipartisanship,” or more correctly unipartyism, both branches support each other’s profligate pandering, prevarication, and payola.

Source: Profiles In Irrelevance, by Robert Gore

Dethguild: Bummer For Ya, Pal

Western Rifle Shooters Association


Reprinted in full with permission:

Dear Ace of Spades: We noticed you’ve been a tad maladroit lately…

Well, we suppose Cruz should have stuck to sticking it exclusively in his spouse – or perhaps he shouldn’t have decided to campaign as Archangel Metatron bearing the gospel of Christ on earth. A wonk can survive infidelity… weathering rank hypocrisy is a smidgen more difficult.

The scope, evidence and sheer number of courtesans leads us to believe this is more than typical scandal-sheet trash – one or two is a standard issue rat-fucking. Three or four is troubling. Around five mistresses, (or eight?!), pattern recognition starts kicking in. The fact that Rancid Rubio’s minions, GOPe shills and several other flocks of meathead have been pushing the narrative for some week – while the big conservative guns spiked the story – only solidifies our notion something decidedly…

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