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Perhaps the most stunning aspect of the recent Wikileaks revelations is not the corruption of the Democrats, it is that not one single incident of this corruption was reported by any of the major “news” organizations.

That they can find a woman who claims to have been treated poorly by Trump over 30 years ago but show no curiosity about a 12 million dollar donation to be given to the family foundation of a candidate for president one month after she announces her candidacy is pretty damning.

The juice box media members at Vox helpfully explain that it wasn’t the contribution that is the issue it was the TIMING of the contribution that was the problem. Vox’s crayon-wielding “journalists” quote only left wing sources to note that there is not a smidgen of corruption here and based on the “non-partisan fact-checker” PolitiFact, the Clintons take no “direct monetary benefits” from…

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