The Tyranny of 9/11: The Building Blocks of the American Police State from A-Z


So, you want a carbine . . .

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So you want a personal protection carbine . . .

I recommend you build one.  Perhaps not from scratch, but from specifically selected groups of parts.  Youtube is FULL of informative videos on assembling every aspect of the AR-15 platform carbine.   You’ll know your platform intimately.

In this post, while I may include some technical information, it is not a step by step “how to” assembly, but a guiding light on how to decide what you need, and why you need it so you’re not wasting your money.

Before I get into the suggested management plan of your new carbine project – I want to lay a biblical reference on you regarding the passion for one’s choice of armament in a time of need:  This comes from 1 Samuel, chapter 21:8-9.  Hat tip to a good friend for pointing out this little bit of humor in an otherwise perilous situation…

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Spengler: Deplorably, Trump Is Going to Win

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You can’t win an American presidential election without the deplorables’ vote. Deplorables are America’s biggest minority. They might even be the American majority. They may or not be racist, homophobic and so forth, but they know they’re deplorable. Deplorable, and proud. They’re the median family whose real income has fallen deplorably by 5% in the past ten years, the 35% of adult males who deplorably have dropped out of the labor force, the 40% of student debtors who deplorably aren’t making payments on their loans, the aging state and local government workers whose pension funds are $4 trillion short. They lead deplorable lives and expect that their kids’ lives will be even more deplorable than theirs…


(L-R)Brandon Miles, Brandon Partin and Michael Miles cheer before Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump attends a campaign rally at the Silver Spurs Arena in Kissimmee, Florida August 11, 2016. REUTERS/Eric Thayer - RTSMSW0


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