Fred: Betting On Grey Sludge – What Fun!

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True story: A young American and I were talking this weekend about his upcoming HS graduation and the immediately-following summer session in support of his engineering curriculum. He told me that of the friends in his circle at the beginning of high school, 7 had dropped out, with 1 barely squeaking by (probably) for graduation (but no college or votech admission yet).

7 out of 9.

In one of Georgia’s better public high schools.

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Brussels is coming to a town near you! Time for a moratorium on Muslim migration to America!

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It is past time!  We have been writing about it for years.

Belgium, Germany, France, even the UK have been for decades “welcoming” Muslim migrants and what has it gotten them!  This!

Brussels_wounded_p_3598770b Photo:

There is only one difference between us and them. They have been seeing the colonization longer and the percentage of the Muslim population is higher than ours is here in America. How can our ‘leaders’ possibly not see the same future for us if we allow the Muslim population to continue to grow exponentially.

It is just a matter of numbers and once the population reaches as little as 3 or 4% (pick a number, it will be much lower than you assume!) there will be Molenbeeks in many American cities as the supremacists become confident that they can hide in their cities within cities.

Brussels_immediate_3598858b A scene earlier this morning from the departure area of…

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John Schindler: The XX Committee Hillary EmailGate Reader

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As the big story has developed over the last year regarding Hillary’s problems with her email and her “private” server of bathroom infamy when she was Secretary of State, I’ve been out front on this case, breaking a lot of exclusive stories and providing my unique insights based on my own time in the intelligence business.

For the sake of convenience, particularly for readers who are seeking one-stop-shopping on EmailGate, just as I’ve done with my extensive work on the Edward Snowden debacle, below you’ll find my work on this case — op-eds, extended analysis, blog posts, even a couple extended media interviews on all things EmailGate. Enjoy!

Since Hillary’s strange travails with IT and mishandling official secrets appear to be far from over, this is a living document: I’ll add new links as they appear.

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