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I Am Sure ‘Insults To Foreign Leaders’ Would Never Be Prosecuted In LeeGreenwoodistan

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Merkel allows Erdogan’s case against TV host to go ahead

Opinion: Böhmermann’s anti-Erdogan poem is satire and Germany should bear it

Reuters: A dirty – not particularly funny – poem just turned into an ‘international crisis’

Rough translation from here:

Böhmermann: …This would be considered illegal. The ‘poem’ is named “abusive criticism”:

“Sod-dumb, cowardly and hesitant/ Is Erdogan the President/ His boner smells like Döner/ Even a pig’s fart smells finer/ He’s the man who punches girls/ while wearing a bloody rubber mask/ Things he loves the most/ is shagging goats/ and oppressing minorities”

This kind of criticism would be illegal!

“Kicking Kurds, beating up Christians/ while watching child porn/ And in the evening instead of a nap/ Fellatio with a hundred sheep/ Erdogan is all things considered/ a President with a tiny wang”

I repeat – this is an example of what would be illegal!

Kabelka: One…

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