At Least The Brits Covered It


Divided We Win, United We Fall

Western Rifle Shooters Association

** AADVANCE FOR WEEKEND, JULY 4-5 **In this Jan. 14, 2009 photo, Bob Snyder, also known as Pineland Bob, right, maps out a transportation plan with a soldier during the Special Forces' Robin Sage exercise in Ramseur, N.C. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

What is the best method of rebellion against tyranny?

Some thoughts on a continuing theme.

A few quick flashes:

1) The more Rotarian you look and sound, the better.

2) If success for your plan involves post-initiation material support from people who have never been a part of the planning process or even briefed on the objectives, you have already failed.

3) If you don’t have competent people constructively throwing bricks at the plan as it is being developed, you are in deep brown. You will have competent people throwing all sorts of things at you and your plan once you initiate.

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