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When one truly understands the dynamics in the march toward Global Socialism, it is instantly recognizable that this is going to happen.

While the Praying For Doomsdayers wax stupid over Martial Law and Economic Collapse, The Craft makes long term plots and plans.



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So You Want To Be A Shitlord?

Western Rifle Shooters Association

ftp grandma

Term defined.

Z-Man’s take.

Money grafs:

…Of course, terms like shitlord are following the same road as alt-right. The Overton Window has swung so far to the left that the space to the right is something close to a majority. Public debate is so narrowly confined that vast stores of human knowledge, as well as most of observable reality, have been deemed heretical. What some are calling alt-right is what we used to call normal. Noticing stuff now makes you a shit-poster.

For the sake of argument, let’s pretend the alt-right is a thing that has definable contours and limits, with a set of unifying concepts holding all the parts inside. As a proud member of the alt-right, you want to be a shitlord. Offending people has some value, but in order to win converts, you have be something more than offensive. That’s the thing to keep…

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