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MDT: Time To Breathe When You Are Choking

Western Rifle Shooters Association


Using well the gift of time.

There are 95 million Americans out of work.

The acknowledged US government debt is nearly 20 trillion dollars (against a 3Q16 GDP of $18.657T), and is but a fraction of the unfunded liabilities of the USG, estimated in 2014 at more than $100T.

There is a wounded but still functioning media-industrial-government complex that is still working at its goal of destroying all traditional American institutions and values via ‘the narrative‘.

And there is the ever-present threat of ignorance, indoctrination, and indolence amongst the American people.

The war is not won.

It has not even begun in earnest.

Enjoy the holidays.

Appreciate the gift of time that Election Day brought.

But know that there remains work to be done.

And that the stakes are life or death.

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