APPLIED LOGIC: What Is The Difference Between Communism And Fascism?

The Oil for Your Lamp

From my other blog, The Road to Concord:

APPLIED LOGIC: What Is The Difference Between Communism And Fascism?

In the interest of transparency and the purposes of full disclosure, I want to start by admitting this post was written in reaction to a comment made by a reader.  This reader told me that a word can have a ‘mathematical‘ definition, but that, ‘in the real world,’ that definition does not apply.  I reject this line of reasoning as totally fallacious, and I explain why in a previous post.  What I would like to do now is address the specifics of this reader’s accusation: namely, that I do not understand the ‘real world‘ definitions of ‘Communism‘ or ‘Fascism.’  Furthermore, I intend to show how, when properly understood and applied to ‘the real world,’ dictionary definitions can actually help…

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Rifle Plates: A Survivalist’s Perspective

Mason Dixon Tactical

Plate post pic Once I was assigned to a regular LI unit, we had to use the PASGT armor. And yes, this was during down time. The vest was not allowed to be left open like that during operations.

When I first went into the military, the first two units I served with did not recommend or issue body armor (generally what was available was PASGT body armor, RBA (Ranger Body Armor) had not been developed for issue yet). The rule of thumb was that whatever amount of weight the body armor added it would be  better to carry it in ammo or other combat survival gear. I have used IBA ( Interceptor Body Armor) body armor on two deployments, and believe that for urban defensive scenarios, vehicle mounted “bug out” operations, and static defense situations, it is a good and smart option to utilize. Rural operations such as defensive patrols of your…

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A Mother’s Work

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

A Mother’s Work

May 1

“Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. Honor your father and mother – which is the first commandment with a promise – that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth” (Eph 6:1-3).

One of the great tragedies of society today is the minimizing of the work performed daily by stay-at-home moms. Women who decide to stay home to raise their kids are a rare breed indeed. They must overcome the stigma of comparison to others who pursue careers outside the home. They fail to get the feelings of accomplishment that can come from a career. They are the unseen missionaries of our day. There will be a special reward for these selfless servants.

Without the commitment of our stay-at-home moms we would not have some of our greatest leaders. “All that I…

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A Reader Asks: “What’s With The Lee Greenwood Hate?”

Western Rifle Shooters Association

greenwood cccp

A commenter asks:

Dude, what’s the backstory on the Lee Greenwood hate? The song’s overplayed, but there’s gotta be something I haven’t noticed in the last few months of reading this blog.

My reply is below.

I plan to put this post into the margins for future reference, so please include with full citations those works that have awakened you from the Greenwoodian delusions of your past.

Thanks in advance.

My slightly-edited response:

I used to listen to That Song, and it had all of the emotional effects on me that it does on others.

Then I started to learn how, since the founding of the American Republic, the promise of individual freedom had been dialed back with the intent of extinguishing it forever.

I learned about the Anti-Federalists [ ].

I learned about the foundations of judicial tyranny in Marbury vs. Madison [ ].


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