No Good Deed Goes Unaccused Of Racism


Kind and generous people go to West Baltimore to pick up the trash thrown out in the streets and alleys by the West Baltimorons themselves, who quite obviously did not make much effort to clean things up on their own.

The local paper then wrote a snide op-ed on the volunteers work, suggesting the effort only served to perpetuate some silly notion that the residents of poor neighborhoods aren’t able or willing to clean up their own messes themselves.

Yes. That’s what they said.

(Also, All White People are Criminal Terrorists with Racist Sauce, fresh Misogynist Berries and hand-picked Homophobic Sprinkles. They didn’t say that, that’s just the new rule. I’m only pointing it out for those who haven’t kept up on the current events.)


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“I’m coming for your guns”

Source: Evasion Survival, Alaska

So things are getting worse. I’m pretty saddened that I have to even post this. Anyone that knows me knows i do pay attention to current events but i take it all in with grain of salt. I do not like to sit around and commiserate about current events. Most of it is fake anyhow. I mind the mission and stay the course using my brain and logic-not emotions to deal with whats coming by preparing.. I don’t get emotional and pissed off about what I see. I do not post an endless train of memes and links regarding firearms rights on my Facbook or on this site, and whats more is I believe less than a little of what i see coming from any “News Media” source. Its all a psychological play on peoples minds. I wont be a victim and I wont be distracted- That’s what they want. Its all just a sign of the times to me- thus history playing out by repeating itself. We are Rome and like Rome we’re rotting a slow death from the inside and we will fall. What you see is simply the history of the shaping of our tomorrow. Unless total control is taken by the President and subversives and traitors from ALL SIDES are rounded up and arrested this course of collapse WILL NOT YIELD. Perhaps its time to activate the Defense Authorization Act to really “drain the swamp” and “build the wall”.. But he wont do that, IMO he is just another politician with tough talk and thin britches. He should have married a Bush and joined thier Clan.

However-HOWEVER– when I hear a politician telling us “I’m coming for your guns”- It makes me lose sleep, and lost sleep is what I got last night. Those are the words of tyranny. When a well embedded career Political Figure vomits a warning in the form of a threat, its when we have huge problems coming our way. And YES it was a threat. Whats makes it a threat is that its a plan that embodies such an action as “I’m coming for your guns” would need the use of physical force to be executed -that is Tyranny- that’s a threat. That is not yet another hollowed threat-mind you. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is just another political episode, or a cookie cutter response to yet another round of Leftist mass shooting. (Yes a “White Nationalist” scum bag is just another Leftist Ork foot soldier like the one in Ohio and all the ones before them). To top it all off this week the left just released a movie called “The Hunt” depicting hunting people on the right for their beliefs. And don’t get me started on “The Purge” movie nonsense by the same producer. Its all very IN YOUR FACE if you ask me and quite full of cowardliness. If the leftists are comfortable enough to release such filth and their media bold face lies to us about the character of the endless mass shooters from their side- you can bet they are conformable enough to see some of their foot soldiers dish out some real violence on a national level once given the chance. The left loves their violence. They use words like “Freedom” and “Equality” as their alibi for their historical destruction of all things civilized.

Faction: “Impôt du Sang”

Western Rifle Shooters Association

An excerpt from this new work:

…Five nights later, Doug and Josef walk briskly along a paved trail through a suburban park, clad in earth tone outdoor clothing and knit caps, each wearing a small backpack. The moonlight illuminates their path, streetlights far off in the distance. They enter a landscape of mostly evergreens, a trail leading to a cul de sac appearing to their right.

Josef swings his backpack off his shoulder and zips it open. “It’s time.” The two don red lens polarized safety glasses and electronic earmuffs, adjusting the volume knobs. Foreign voices and music pop into their heads. Their eyes meet.

“This is it,” Doug says. “I’ll scope.”

Doug swings his backpack to his chest and unzips the main compartment, resting his hand on top, casually striding into the cul de sac. Josef steps to the side behind a tree, drawing a suppressed handgun from…

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