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Cleveland is gonna rock:

Trump reaper 5.1.16(Ushanka)

Guess the new Bernie logo got some traction:

CbocztDVAAAOvod(Vlad Tepes)

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A Parable

Western Rifle Shooters Association


From over the transom:

A Tale of Tom, Dick and Harry

The patriot movement, or whatever it’s called these days, is a huge, formidable force, ready and trained to meet any obstacle, any foe, anything. Just ask them. They’ll tell you. In fact, a good portion of the visible people in the movement, truth be told, are a lot like three guys named Tom, Dick and Harry.

You’ve got Tom, who says he’ll leave a pile of bodies on his front porch if anyone shows up to take his guns—but until then, he’ll be running his mouth on various blogs and honing his meme speed posting skills. His favorite kind of memes are the sheepdog ones. Well, that and anything with the words “III%” or “brother” on it. He runs a few groups on Facebook and makes sure to “vet” people before adding them; Tom’s pretty conscientious, so he checks…

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WeaponsMan: Will The Military Follow Unlawful Orders?

Western Rifle Shooters Association

shoot colonel fascistii-1

An essential addition to the literature, right next to “When To Shoot The Colonels” by USNA grad Tom Baugh and this USMA grad’s annotation upon same.

Lose your illusions, people.

In the coming chaos, those whose resist .gov diktats will be viewed and JAG-approved as “unprivileged enemy belligerents”.

Any other planning assumption is childish self-deception.

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