Barnhardt: The Mark of The Beast Explained — MV = PQ, With Totalitarian Control of V(elocity)


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“…What’s happening is the a realization on the part of the Dirt People that the Cloud People hold them in contempt. What started out as some small skirmishes over the last decade, have now turned into a full blown war and the lines of the political establishment have broken. We’re getting to see the ugly truth that lies behind them. For most people, this is infuriating and that’s why they have flocked to the evil dirt monster that is Donald Trump…”

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Orwell Trembles: See That Billboard? It May See You, Too

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The NYT story opens:

“Pass a billboard while driving in the next few months, and there is a good chance the company that owns it will know you were there and what you did afterward.

Clear Channel Outdoor Americas, which has tens of thousands of billboards across the United States, will announce on Monday that it has partnered with several companies, including AT&T, to track people’s travel patterns and behaviors through their mobile phones.

By aggregating the trove of data from these companies, Clear Channel Outdoor hopes to provide advertisers with detailed information about the people who pass its billboards to help them plan more effective, targeted campaigns. With the data and analytics, Clear Channel Outdoor could determine the average age and gender of the people who are seeing a particular billboard in, say, Boston at a certain time and whether they subsequently visit a store…”

Got it?


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Developed From Comments: What Is This ‘Constitution’ Of Which You Speak?

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In reply to a question in comments on this post, consider the following:

The preceding gent stated:

“I think the writer is losing sight of the fact that conservative values and fealty to our divinely inspired constitution are non negotiable, and are worth fighting (and killing) for.”

I replied:

“Should that murderous loyalty be to the ideals supposedly protected by the USC/BoR, or to the flawed expressions therein?”

Another (hopefully clearer) way to ask my question would be:

“Is the Constitution/BoR worth killing over, or is it the ideals supposedly protected by that document that are worthy of taking others’ lives?”

My premise for the question is that the USC/BoR does not and has not stood by itself for 200+ years.

What we refer to as “the USC/BoR” is not just the words of the document themselves, but also all of the words of all of the ratified amendments…

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