Clinton Donor gets $13 Million in State Dept Grants, FBI investigates

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Source: Clinton Donor gets $13 Million in State Dept Grants, FBI investigates


Rifle Mags Measured In “Footpounds”

Mason Dixon Tactical

IMG_20160325_172659 M14 Mags. polymer Thermold 20 rounders on the left, steel Check Mate Industries 20 rounders on the right.

I hear all the time about guys trying to lighten their combat/Survival loads, and sometimes it leads to ridiculous measures. Although there are some things that can be done to reduce those “Footpounds”, sometimes, you have to just flog your “Inner Pussy” till it goes back in and do the deed. One of the things that has made a big difference in the weight of those loads is the availability of polymer mags that can replace the steel mil issue ones. There are a number of manufacturers out there, but only a few have a good rep for reliability and durability, and the two I have actually used that have been reliable are Thermold and Magpul (I’ve haven’t used US Palm, but I have heard nothing but good about them). The Tapco…

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The Infamous April 19

Mason Dixon Tactical

Iv’e been fortunate that for the last 8 years, when I think of April 19th, it is not because of the historical significance of 1775, and the war that followed. It is not because of the atrocity committed at Waco. It is not about the follow on to that tragedy, by way of OK City.
Eight years ago I finished my last deployment and put boots on the ground in the US. It is hard to put into words how you feel when you know you are home after being in the non permissive environment that is Iraq. Go ahead and say what you want about the US but understand some facts. This is the best place in the world to exercise your freedoms. This is the only place in the world where you will have the opportunities that you do. If you want to talk shit, but are only…

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