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FBI Director Speech to Annual American Bar Association Meeting, titled “Finding The Balance We Need In Law And Life”


In a speech from earlier this month, FBI Director James Comey delivered remarks about the future battle over encryption. Setting the tone that he’s uncomfortable about the ubiquity of encrypted data and devices, he said, “We’ve never lived with large swaths of our life off-limits to judicial authority, where a judge’s orders were ineffective [because encryption may be difficult to break, even with a warrant]. That’s a different way to live. I would suggest to you that where we are now and where we are headed shatters the bargain that is at the heart of ordered liberty in this country. That is something we have to talk about.”

Hinting that the FBI is going to take a swing at commercial encryption after…

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Club Orlov: A Thousand Balls Of Flame

Western Rifle Shooters Association




…You see, Russia lost a huge number of civilian lives while fighting off Nazi Germany. Many people, including old people, women and children, died of starvation and disease, or from German shelling, or from the abuse they suffered at the hands of German soldiers. On the other hand, Soviet military casualties were on par with those of the Germans. This incredible calamity befell Russia because it had been invaded, and it has conditioned Russian military thinking ever since. The next large-scale war, if there ever is one, will be fought on enemy territory. Thus, if the US attacks Russia, Russia will counterattack the US mainland. Keeping in mind that the US hasn’t fought a war on its own territory in over 150 years, this would come as quite a shock.

Of course, this would be done in ways that are consistent with Russian military thinking. Most…

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