NIGHT TIME VISITORS! What to do if Someone Knocks at your Door in the Middle of the Night

NightImagine waking to a loud banging on your door in the middle of the night. Chances are it would be someone who just needs your help. But it could also be someone intent on causing trouble for you and your family. Do you know how to tell the difference? If it is trouble, have you talked to your family about this and do you all know what to do?

  1. Look First

Get out of bed quickly and quietly. Check that other doors are locked to prevent ambush from behind. Flip on a light in an empty room. If trouble is at the door, you may scare them off without alerting them to your location in the house. Depending on your comfort level, take your weapon with you to the door but don’t open it.

Set the chain lock on your door and quietly make sure locks are engaged. Without turning on the light, peek out a nearby window to see who is at the door. Don’t disturb blinds or curtains and alert anyone to your presence.

  1. Is it Trouble or Not?

Make a decision to either ignore the person or ask what they want. If you decide to call out, flip on the porch light first. Verify what you hear via the peephole in the door. It is possible to be shot through the door so stand to one side.

The best protection is to remain doors locked, with them on the outside. They can’t hurt you if they can’t get to you. Ask for identification from a repairman or police and then look up the number yourself and call to verify.

  1. Take Action

If you verify the person is safe, then open the door.  If not, continue to talk through the door or intercom speaker. Call help for them from inside your home. If at any time you feel unsafe, stop talking, and phone for help.

Physical Home Security Preventative Measures

Night Time Visitors!

Prevention is the most important part of home security. Before trouble comes knocking, take some preventative steps:

  • Re-install a door chain lock with LONG screws. Screws in standard door chain packages are way too short for a secure hold. Longer screws make it harder for an intruder to just push-in the door.
  • Use a one-way peephole and keep entrances visually clear. Make sure all doors have a one-way peephole. Install motion-sensor lights. Prune back bushes from entrances. Change outside light bulbs regularly so if one is out you know it’s intentional.
  • Consider installing security cameras and a speaker system. It’s never a good idea to open your door to a potential intruder. To determine intent, install a security camera so you visually see who is at the door and an intercom speaker so you can talk and hear clearly.
  • Replace your standard screen door with a heavier, security focused door with steel bars. This lets you open your main door but prevents someone pushing inside your home.
  • Store some kind of deterrent near your doors. This does not need to be your firearm but if it is, it should be in a biometric safe. Alternative deterrents could be pepper spray, a fireplace poker, or the trusty baseball bat. Make sure all family members know how to use these in the event that an intruder pushes through the door.
  • Fortify sliding glass doors. Position a solid piece of wood in the track each night. An intruder can still break the glass door but the noise will quickly alert you to trouble.
Additional Preventative Security Measures

Never make it known that you are or will be home alone. This applies to talking on the phone, to someone at the door, or even in casual daytime conversations with neighbors or sales people. If you come home alone and notice an open door or window in your home, retreat and notify authorities.

Get to Know your Neighbors. Identify neighbors you can contact when in trouble. Make sure your kids know which houses are “safe” houses. Agree to call each other if anyone in the neighborhood is alerted to an intruder outside.

Avoid being alone in common area. Schedule routine tasks like laundry so you are not alone at night in an area outside of your house.

Routinely lock all windows and doors. Check all locks each night before you go to bed. Strangers will not be able to enter as quietly if doors and windows are locked. Noise will alert you to trouble.

Develop a safety code word. Don’t use something a stranger could guess or find out by stalking you, such as your dog’s name, or street name. All family members should know how to use the code safely. Don’t give any clues. Simply ask “what is the code word or password?”

Avoid going outside. Don’t go to “check out a strange noise or person.” If you see someone breaking into a car or damaging property, report it to the police. Hit the car alarm button on your key fob. The sound will alert neighbors and may scare off an intruder.

Know how to contact help. Make sure you know the phone numbers to call for help in an emergency. Have non-emergency and phone numbers of neighbors and relatives on hand, just in case.

Know How and When to Hide or Flee. When there’s trouble, you may panic and be unable to think clearly. Identify a secure hiding place, out of sight, before trouble occurs. Keep a phone and your dog nearby, lock and barricade the door. Plan two escape routes, only flee if someone gets inside your home.

Criminals are getting smarter and more resourceful and in today’s day and age, no one can be prepared for every nighttime security issue. The tips and measures we’ve provided here can help increase the chances you come out unscathed. What other measures do you take to keep your home safe at night?


SitRep (2/13/2016) – Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Antonin Gregory Scalia – DEAD

Situation Report (SitRep)Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Antonin Gregory Scalia has has died.

I will let you look up all the details of his career and lifeAssociate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Antonin Gregory Scalia as you deem it necessary. The purpose of this post is to advise you on how this will impact you and the nation.

This is a horrible blow to the country, another nail in the coffin killing America as a Constitutional Republic.

Justice Scalia was a Constitutionalist, and originalist. Scalia was also a conservative.

The Supreme Court was already left leaning with a majority of either liberals or extremist Progressives. Scalia’s death gives President Obama an opportunity to appoint yet another Justice. His earlier appointments of Kagan and Sotomayor made it clear that he will appoint radical Progressive activist judges to the Supreme Court. This is perfectly inline with Obama’s radical Marxist ideology.

If the Senate allows Obama to appoint yet another radical Progressive extremist to the Court then forget the Supreme Court trying to maintain America as any resemblance of a Constitutional Republic. We will be assured that the Supreme Court is lost once and for all if Obama has his way.

Over the last 30 years the Supreme Court has barely hung on to any semblance of keeping with the original intent of the Constitution. However, for the last 120 years the Supreme Court has been steadily moving to the left. With another appointment, Obama will undoubtedly move the Supreme Court  so far to the left that its permanent radical Progressive majority will ensure more and more Progressive laws will be upheld and radical leftist rulings made.

The only, and I mean only, safeguard we have is the Senate. The Senate has the authority to confirm, or not, any SCOTUS appointment made by the President. If the Senate has the courage they can prevent Obama from moving the Supreme Court to the extreme left-wing. However, with McConnell at the head of the Senate don’t count on it. He is a typical Republican Progressive, not a Conservative and not a friend of the Constitution. I fully expect McConnell will strike a deal with Obama to confirm his choice. McConnell will use that opportunity to gain more wealth for himself personally as he has done over his entire career.

However, McConnell would ensure confirmation of any Obama appointment in any event, and do so because McConnell is a Progressive as well. We wishes their agenda to go forward.

Watch for posturing and bloviating, but in the end the Republicans will give Obama what he wants…because it is also what they want…the transformation of America away from the Constitutional Republic and to a Progressive totalitarian state.

SCOTUS-ScaliaRibbonThis is a dark, sad day for the Republic and all freedom loving, Constitutional loving Americans.


What Guns? What Gold? Prepper Tips On “Hiding Your Guns in Plain Sight”

Mac Slavo
February 12th, 2016

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Screen shot 2016-02-12 at 9.40.27 AM

There are endless places and ways to conceal, hide and stash your guns and other precious items.

Who knows when the time would actually come when some jack-booted thug would beat down your door and search for your constitutionally-mandated firearms – but withObama’s gun control and many possible scenarios for martial law and a crackdown on patriots, it could really happen.

And it may be time to think about the possibilities, if you haven’t already.

Really, it should be part of your prepping plans already.

But in case the thought has never crossed your mind, or you need to beef up your plans and devices, here are some examples.

These videos have some clever ideas about where to hide your guns, precious metals, heirlooms and emergency supplies.

If in doubt, take the idea, and change it, recombine it, rethink it – and make it an original secret location(s) that only you will know about.

Many of these concealment concepts are not only good for hiding guns and prepping supplies, but – at least in the case of the false bookshelf – offer the opportunity to conceal a panic room hidden in plain sight.

If the plan works, burglars, assailants and even police won’t discover your hiding place.

The tricky part is that guns, in particular, are best hidden in a place where they can also be quickly and safely accessed when needed.

Sometimes the usual hiding places just aren’t good enough.

This viral video explains how you can install “tactical walls” where your firearms can be hidden away from prying eyes, as well as children and vulnerable family members, while offering instant access.

A secure magnet “key” unlocks it from a special spot, and is the only way to access this fantastic device:

Beyond your immediate household, it is a good idea, when possible, to cache your firearms and other critical supplies in a remote and hidden place.

The purpose here is to evade “the biggest gang” unit in the government – if/when they come for the guns:

You Tuber “TheHossUSMC” explains the wisdom behind diversifying the cache locations of your weapons, so that those seizing guns can’t get them all, but may be satisfied with confiscating a few easily found, registered guns.

The rest can be deposited in your other locations, and you can live to fight another day, and engage the tyranny from a better position. Here is some advice on the process of hiding and recovering your remote weapons cache.

The questions surrounding when and how to fight back, and when to hide are complex, and ultimately each individual must use their best judgement and moral positions to make those difficult decisions.

The point is to prepare for even the worst situations, and make sure that you never have to face a situation where you are disarmed, or unable to access your God-given self-defenses.

Any other good ideas about how to hide, conceal and distribute your preps? Please share, but don’t give away any personal or specific information.

Special Report: What we do and do not know regarding events in Oregon – recorded 11 FEB

Western Rifle Shooters Association


From Jason Van Tatenhove:

In this special report of The Patriot Report, Jason Van Tatenhove welcomes back to the show guests Stewart Rhodes (founder and President of Oath Keepers), Sam Culper (editor of Forward Observer magazine) and Retired Sheriff Denny Peyman (who is also on the Board of Directors of Oath Keepers.)

In this special broadcast, we talk about what we do and do not know regarding the events surrounding the recent events in Oregon including the arrest of Cliven Bundy and also the rumors of 68 arrest warrants that may have been issued for members of the Patriot Community that have been apart of recent Oath Keeper and PPN Operations. We also game out what it could mean for all of us if this is actually the case.

Please share out this important communication to your friends and fellow patriots.

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